About Target English

 The expertise and guidance Target English provide no doubt contributes to the overall achievement and success of GCU London’s students.”
Simon Smith, Student and Learning Services Manager and Deputy Head, GCU London

Target English is a company that specialises in working with education providers to create materials and tests that work in their context. The combined expertise of its founders in the areas of language teaching, applied linguistics and language testing help ensure that all our projects are driven by academic knowledge as well as practical thinking.

Now located in Spain, Target English began in the UK, where for ten years it developed a list of clients ranging from testing organisations to schools and universities. 

Our Management Team

Our management team have been running Target English for over ten years. All the managing partners come from language teaching backgrounds, have gained Masters level qualifications in testing or linguistics, and have worked in many contexts before starting the company, including university and test management.

Our Writing Team

Our writing team all work in higher education and testing organisations. They are educated to Masters level and have a wide range of experience in English assessment and materials creation.

Our Voice Artists

Our voice artists are all trained actors working in the British and American theatre and television industries. They have extensive experience in voice work for English tests at all levels of the CEFR.